Meeting Room

Reservable Spaces

The Bronte Room, study room and the computer lab may be reserved for use by groups engaged in educational or cultural activities. 

The information on this page describes the steps needed to reserve these spaces at the Victoria Public Library (VPL).

Bronte Meeting Room
  1. Bronte Room
  2. General Guidelines
  3. Regulations
  4. Reservations


  • The Bronte Room is semi-circular

Maximum Capacity

  • 150 standing
  • 45 seated

Hours of Availability

  • Victoria Public Library hours of operation

Equipment Available

  • CD, VHS, DVD, and projector
  • Cordless Microphone
  • Presentation Podium
  • Standard Microphone
  • Surround Sound System

Tables & Chairs

  • 45 chairs
  • 12 rectangular tables