Contesting a Citation

You have a right to a jury trial, unless you waive that right and request a trial by judge. By setting your case for trial, you are giving up your right to require that your case be dismissed through a mandatory Driving Safety Course. If you wish to receive a trial, appear in person at the City of Victoria Municipal Court, submit your request electronically through this form, or print out the Plea of Not Guilty Form (PDF) and submit your request by mail:

City of Victoria Municipal Court
P.O. Box 1758
Victoria, Texas 77902

When to Submit

Be sure to submit your request for trial on or before your initial appearance date to avoid the issuance of a warrant for failure to resolve your court business. If you do not notify the court of a Not Guilty plea by your appearance date, posting a cash bond or attorney appearance bond will be required in order to set your case(s) for a Pretrial and Trial date.

Once your request is received and processed, you will be notified by mail of your:

  • Pretrial Court Date
  • Trial Court Date (Jury or Judge)
  • Time

Helpful Resources

If at any time you would like to find out information on your case(s), please call 361-485-3050 for assistance.