What is the difference between a plea of not guilty, guilty, and no contest?

Not Guilty Plea

The defendant is informing the court that he or she denies guilt or has a defense in the case and that the state must prove what it has charged in the complaint.

If you choose to plea "Not Guilty", you have a right to a jury trial, unless you waive that right and request a trial by judge. By setting your case for trial, you are giving up your right to require that your case be dismissed through a mandatory Driving Safety Course. If you wish to receive a trial, please fill out the Plea of Not Guilty Form (PDF) and appear in person at the City of Victoria Municipal Court or submit your request by mail. The court will then set you for a Pretrial court date to discuss your case(s) with the prosecutor. If you and the prosecutor do not come to an agreement during the Pretrial conference, you will then proceed to your trial setting.


A plea by which a defendant confesses to the crime with which the defendant is charged, or the verdict by which a defendant is convicted.

No Contest/Nolo Contendere

A plea in which the defendant does not contest the charge. Nolo contendere has the same legal effect as a guilty plea; however, it may not be used against the defendant as an admission of guilt in a civil suit based upon or growing out of the act upon which the criminal prosecution is based.

If you choose to plea "Guilty" or "No Contest", you can pay your charge off in full, start a payment plan, or your offense may be eligible for defensive driving or a deferred disposition. Get defensive driving information here and deferred disposition information here.

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