Water Production


Surface Water Treatment Plant

Our water production team maintains the water plants, wells, water towers and sewer lift stations. The Surface Water Treatment Plant is online. The plant replaces most of the wells that feed the city. Ten wells are still operational and maintained for emergency purposes, such as drought.


Services provided by the Surface Water Treatment Plant:

  • Ensures compliance with all applicable federal and state mandates and requirements regarding water quality.
  • Maintains the Surface Water Treatment Plant that provides most of the city’s water supply.
  • Maintains the two active pumping plants currently supplying the City and the ten water wells and five water towers used for the supply.
  • Performs routine flushing of water mains throughout the city.
  • Responds to customer concerns regarding water quality.
  • Takes water samples for bacteriological, chemical, radiological and other testing at random locations throughout the city as mandated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.