How can I find out if something is against the law online?

Texas Laws

View the Texas Laws and Statutes - found on a website maintained by the Texas Legislature. Most of the Criminal Laws are found in the Texas Penal Code, however some are within other codes such as the Health and Safety Code for drug/narcotics violations. Most traffic laws are found in the Transportation Code beginning primarily at Chapter 501.

Victoria City Ordinances

View the City of Victoria Code of Ordinances - found at The information here is provided to Municode by the City Secretary’s Office. You can look through the chapters in the left navigation or use their "Search" for a specific topic.

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1. Where do I call in the case of a non-emergency?
2. How do I obtain a criminal history or background check of myself?
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7. Who can I talk to if I suspect drug / narcotics activity in my neighborhood?
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11. How can I sign up for defensive driving after getting a ticket?
12. Can I ride along with a police officer on duty?
13. Is Crime Stoppers really anonymous?
14. What type of Crime Victim Services does the Police Department offer?
15. How can I find out if something is against the law online?