Library Master Plan

Library Master Plan

The Victoria Public Library Facilities Master Plan was developed in consultation with the City of Victoria, the Victoria Public Library, library leaders, the Library Advisory Board, Friends of the Library and citizen library stakeholders. This master plan reflects the needs of the Victoria Public Library through 2040.

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At the commencement of the Master Plan development, City leaders and stakeholders were asked to specify the “criteria for a successful master plan.” The responses included:

  • Develop a road map to better serve the community.
  • Physical space is a limiting factor – what is the best use of existing space, and how should space be expanded at this site or another location?
  • What are additional opportunities for partnerships with other organizations?
  • Coordinate with the Downtown Master Plan for their goals of reactivating the area.
  • Create a better awareness of what the library offers the community.
  • Help to “connect the dots” as to how the library supports and plays a role in economic development and workforce development.
  • Change perception of who the library serves: It serves everybody.
  • Improve access to all that the library provides.


Library design consultant 720 Design in association with FMG Architects

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